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The brand new Helecta LED street light Economy3 w/o power supply. The reference in reliability and flexibility



...but true! Helecta LED Retrofit Family for street lighting - now ith 5 years warranty and > 150 lm/Watt system efficacy

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Langmatz Parasolic luminaire with LED

Langmatz Parasolic with Helecta HE-ST-20 Retrofit lamp


In need of light?

Helecta LED floodlight up to > 200W!

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Efficiency - in a new package

Helecta streetlamp Economy2 side-entry mounting



Helecta streetlamp Economy2- one for all


One for all

Helecta streetlamp Economy3 at its best


Brand new!!!

Optiks for our Helecta LED Retrofit family. New light technology for a proven product

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Provider of innovative, latest generation LED products

Development and production of sustainable LED retrofit lamps, LED street lights, indoor LED spotlights and LED floodlights.

As a leading manufacturer of high-quality LED luminaires for street, industrial, office and commercial lighting, we specialise in the development, production and distribution of innovative and sustainable LED products. From LED retrofit lamps to LED street lights , LED floodlights and LED indoor spotlights right up to solar street lights, we have a wide-ranging product portfolio that helps reduce your energy consumption considerably. Should you be planning long-term modernisation of your lighting, Helecta GmbH is your expert partner thanks to many years of experience in technical development and engineering. We will gladly implement your customised special requirements swiftly and to your utmost satisfaction.

Innovative and with market-leading efficiency: Retrofit LED lamps from Helecta

Our most successful products include our top-quality retrofit LED solutions, which our customers have found to be perfect replacements for NAV and HQL lamps in street lighting (up to 150 watts) and fluorescent tubes (up to 58 watts). Municipalities and industrial customers planning to replace their old street lights with energy-saving technology must often be prepared for complex conversions and extremely high costs for new luminaires. Helecta GmbH can offer you a much simpler option in this case, with the following benefits:

  • 1. Existing street lights can continue to be used.
  • 2. This means no replanning of lighting according to standards
  • 3. The conversion merely comprises replacement of the old HQL or NAV lamp with our LED retrofit lamps. Our retrofit lamps are compatible with the old purely inductive ballasts. Only ballasts with ignition units must be bridged.

Today, tens of thousands of our LED retrofit lamps can be found in street and car park lighting all over Germany. They have resulted in energy savings of more than 70% for our customers, and in some cases even with higher light levels. Additional benefits of our sustainable product include lower maintenance costs as a result of a long service life of > 50,000 hours on average, and the possibility of simple and inexpensive replacement of the electronics. This enables a service life that is more than double that of other products. Thanks to our brand new optics for this product range, we have been able to increase the extremely high efficiency even further.

Helecta LED retrofit with optics

Efficient LED street lights, floodlights and LED indoor spotlights

LED street lights, LED floodlights and LED indoor spotlights of the latest generation are another focus of our production. Whether street, car park, façade, factory building, showroom or exhibition stand, our LED products, which are developed and produced in Germany, guarantee a sensational luminous efficiency at a reduced energy consumption of up to 75%. Our LED indoor spotlights are designed for use in factory buildings, showrooms and warehouses: A splash-proof unit, which consists of an LED module and optics, is perfectly suited for indoor and outdoor use, and can also be used in cold storage facilities. One of our latest Helecta products is our LED street light, which features state-of-the-art Lumileds light-emitting diodes with a nominal efficiency of > 140 lm/W, which in turn guarantee lighting according to standards, with the lowest possible energy consumption.

Whether you wish to convert to our LED retrofit lamps or whether you opt for one of our other sustainable products, as LED experts with extensive experience we guarantee top-quality, durable products with excellent workmanship.

About Helecta

Helecta GmbH specialises in development, production, consultation and distribution of innovative and sustainable LED products of the latest generation for public street lighting, industrial lighting and office and business illumination.