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LED tubes

TÜV-certified safety

LED tubes, which have meanwhile become extremely popular, allow energy cost savings of up to 75% by merely replacing the conventional T8 fluorescent tubes with their LED equivalents.

Their significantly longer service life also results in drastically reduced maintenance costs, which can sometimes even exceed the energy costs, depending on the installation height and service plan.

The advantages of LED technology are largely known today, and luminaires and lights of this type are becoming more widely used as a result.

Our LED tubes are currently used in different types of ceiling lights by the industrial sector as well as authorities, and also in street lights in various municipalities. Due to the limited beam angle, Helecta LED tubes offer excellent light levels with drastically reduced energy savings, especially in the case of linear luminaires, which in most cases do not have reflectors. As a retrofit solution, which means that only the conventional lamp of the light is replaced, our LED tube enables instant cost savings with low investment.

Unfortunately the market has been flooded with LED tubes of poor quality and technology in the last few years, with the result that many customers have been disappointed after initial positive experiences.

Right from the start, Helecta GmbH has been placing great emphasis on maximum quality and premium components, and has continued to develop its LED tubes to a top product that meets even the highest demands over the last year and a half.

The colours of the emitted light – one of the quality hallmarks of light-emitting diodes – are largely in line with those of standard fluorescent tubes. Robust housings and rotation-proof sockets ensure secure handling and simple and reliable installation.

Safety – which is very often neglected in cheap tubes – is guaranteed through TÜV certification (certification number: 50204601)

For additional questions on safety and liability, we recommend reading the following article.

In conjunction with our ceiling lights, which have been optimised for this type of tube, we also achieve a light distribution that is essentially identical to that of of conventional luminaires for fluorescent tubes.

The LED tubes are available with a clear and matt cover.

Warning as per EC (244/2009): The overall efficiency and light distribution of a system used by these lamps depends on the design of the system.

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