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About Helecta

Helecta GmbH – The specialists for LED industrial lighting and street lights

Helecta GmbH specialises in development, production, consultation and distribution of innovative and sustainable LED products of the latest generation for public street lighting, industrial lighting, and office and business illumination.

Be it LED retrofit replacement lamps, LED street lights, LED indoor spotlights or LED floodlights – we offer a large range of top-quality and long-life products, which are entirely developed and manufactured at our main plant near Hamburg.

Street lights customised according to your needs

Helecta GmbH has the know-how, experience and technical facilities to also meet short-notice special requests of our customers. Our in-house equipment for Rapid Prototyping enables us to develop and manufacture complete customer-specific light solutions. We provide expert advice and support concerning feasibility and possible costs, from initial contact to the offer phase, to development and production, right up to delivery of the street lights or other lamps you require.

One of Helecta's focal points is in the area of LED retrofit solutions as HQL/NAV replacements in street lighting of 50W to 150W. We are anticipating that this will be a bridging technology that will be highly in demand over the next 4-5 years while the wait is on for further development and increased efficiency of light-emitting diodes and for the expected subsequent price erosion of LED products, while remaining manufacturer-independent as well as flexible and future-proof.

Helecta LED retrofit range with 154 lm/watt

A perfect example of this is our LED lamp range with E27 / E40 base. These lamps replace 50W to 150W mercury lamps (HQL), while in many cases offering the same or even higher illuminance (depending on the luminaire type) at energy savings of 75% and more – and all this without costly modifications!

Maximum energy savings

Our main objective is for all our customers to achieve maximum operating life, the highest energy savings and optimal safety with our lamps and luminaires, which make use of the most efficient components (light-emitting diodes and driver electronics). We do not claim to offer the cheapest price, but rather the best price/performance ratio and the shortest amortisation period. Only in this way are our customers guaranteed true savings over an extended period.


Helecta is an active member of the ZVEI (Zentralverband der Elektrotechnik und Elektronikindustrie, the German electrical and electronic manufacturers' association) and of the Europäischen Wirtschaftssenat e.V. (European Economic Senate) in order to remain up to date with new customer requirements and policies, and at the same time play a role in the development of sustainable LED technology.