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LED Flood Light

Helecta Economy2 floodlightLED floodlights provide an energy-efficient means to replace conventional floodlights with halogen lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps or high-pressure mercury lamps.

Thanks to their sensational luminous efficiency and compact design, they are perfect for use in applications where high illumination at low energy consumption together with low maintenance are important.

Be it car park lighting or façade illumination, object illumination, showrooms, exhibition stands, factory buildings or mobile use, our LED spotlights provide you with a solution that offers a reduction in energy consumption of up to 75%.

Our floodlights are based on our 24W LED module, which has been completely newly developed and is manufactured in Germany, and can also be used with other optics in our street lights. The floodlights boast an elegant design, making them perfect for handling lighting tasks, but also as a technical attraction. The blasted aluminium housing is of high quality and far superior to conventional, standard spotlights. As a result, our customers also like using it for modern and decorative ceiling spots in showrooms or at exhibitions.

The consistent, modular design means that it is possible to offer the floodlight with almost any output level. A 240W variant as replacement for 1000W or more halogen lamps is easily possible without any thermal problems, thanks to the design.
Our floodlights and indoor spotlights come with white light-emitting diodes with a colour temperature of 4000 and 5000 K. Other colour temperatures are available on request

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