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Customizations and ODM business

The long-standing experience of its employees in the area of LED technology enables Helecta GmbH to plan and manufacture customised requirements and productions of high quality within short time frames. Certification by authorised bodies can also be provided, where required.

Our main plant in Tostedt near Hamburg can swiftly develop and design prototypes and produce small production runs for our customers. Our mechanical production workshop boasts a CNC milling machine, a 3D printer, a lathe, drill presses and a range of metal saws. When it comes to electronics production, we can rely on our circuit board etching equipment (standard FR4 or MC), solder paste printer, a pick-and-place machine and a convection reflow oven.

CAD development in the area of mechanics and electronics also takes place in-house, which means that we are able to perform the entire development and manufacturing process quickly and directly.

The overview below lists all the services we can provide for you, and which activities are carried out by you.

We provide You perform
In the offer phase
  • Development of feasibility study
  • Specification of standards to be complied with
  • Estimated design and component selection
  • Development of technical specifications
  • Provision of an existing design sample where available
  • Determination of required certifications
  • Specification of planned quantities including target price (for 1-5 years)
In the design phase
  • Development of hardware and software (optional), such as housing, electronics and optics (uC control optional).
  • Industrial design where required
  • Development of all simulations including light distribution design
  • Production of mock-ups and prototypes
  • Granting of design approval
In the product placement phase
  • Design optimisation and final component selection
  • Advanced quality planning
  • Development of process and test plans
  • Creation of tool moulds
  • Development of packaging recommendations
  • Granting of product and packaging acceptance
In the supply phase
  • Ensuring of capacity resources
  • Ensuring of agreed delivery dates
  • Monitoring of test plans
  • Ensuring of production quality
  • Performing of final inspections
  • Placing of orders

About Helecta

Helecta GmbH specialises in development, production, consultation and distribution of innovative and sustainable LED products of the latest generation for public street lighting, industrial lighting and office and business illumination.