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Step 2 of the ErP directive comes into force

On 13/04/2015 interim phase 2 of the ErP Directive will come into force, according to which the following products are no longer permitted to carry the CE marking and may therefore no longer be brought to market:

1) High-pressure mercury lamps (HPM / HQL) with E27, E40 und PGZ12 base

2) High-pressure sodium lamps (HPS / NAV) as retrofit /plug-in lamps with E27, E40 and PGZ12 base, which have been designed for use with HPM ballasts.

Should these lamps already have been produced and already be stored in the EU, they may continue to be used, and also distributed. It is foreseeable that this will lead to the use of HQL luminaires even after the deadline, until stocks warehoused by the trade and municipalities/municipal utilities are used up or new luminaires are installed.

Helecta GmbH offers alternatives for HQL and NAV plug-in lamps as well as completely new luminaire heads. All products have been developed by Helecta in Germany, and are manufactured in Germany to meet our quality requirements.

We will gladly provide advice concerning questions regarding the optimal solution for our customers. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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