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LED products

Helecta GmbH is a company that focusses particularly on resource-friendly and sustainable lighting. To this end, our all-inclusive approach strives not only for utmost energy efficiency and low, once-off investments, but also for a long problem-free service life and a very high level of recyclability for our products. This is largely achieved through the consistent modular design of all our product ranges, which allows an individual component to be replaced to enable subsequent use, rather than complete replacement. The majority of these components can then in turn be recycled and reused. A large number of the ideas that are newly developed in this regard are registered as patents or design patents. .

Helecta's main business focus is on in-house development and production of LED retrofit lamps for public and industrial lighting. In this field, Helecta also collaborates with various universities from the area as regards measurements, enhanced efficiency and further product optimisation. Our LED retrofit lamps with E27 base can replace 50W to 150W mercury lamps (HQL) without costly modifications, and without a change in illuminance, while reducing energy consumption by up to 75%.

Naturally our products are certified CE and RoHS compliant, and are tested in independent laboratories.

Besides the standard products manufactured and distributed directly by Helecta, the company also acts as a service provider for development orders. Based on the modules, which are also used in Helecta products, the company is able to develop top-quality customised solutions at short notice and manufacture them in-house.

Our retrofit products and the Economy2 range are produced exclusively at our headquarters in Tostedt. All our products are fitted with the most efficient and best light-emitting diodes from leading global suppliers, such as LG, Philips or Seoul, to ensure maximum service life and the highest possible energy savings.

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About Helecta

Helecta GmbH specialises in development, production, consultation and distribution of innovative and sustainable LED products of the latest generation for public street lighting, industrial lighting and office and business illumination.