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Uplengen saves with state-of-the-art LED technology

Uplengen/ Sittensen, 10 May 2010. After a successful test phase early this year, the Uplengen municipality (district of Leer) took an environmentally groundbreaking decision. The street lighting in the cross-town link of the town of Remels will be converted to state-of-the-art LED technology. The switch-over will save 70% energy and protect the environment: Per year, a reduction of over 9 tons of CO2 can be achieved through the 55 lamps alone that are to be installed during the next weeks.

LED technology became interesting for the East Frisian municipality the moment information from Sittensen-based Helecta landed on Mayor Enno Ennen's desk. Helecta provides innovative LED lamps with E27 base, which can be used to replace conventional mercury lamps (HQL). This means street lights no longer need to be converted at great cost, or even replaced by entirely new street lights. "That then also makes LED technology attractive from a cost point of view", Ennen was quick to realise.

As a result of energy savings and lower maintenance costs the switch-over to LED technology will pay off for the 12,000-strong community within only 1.5 years, confirms Helecta Managing Director Fabio Tinagli. Additional benefits are derived from the long service life of these LED lamps. The innovative products can be installed in all types of luminaire, be it in roadside case luminaires or in mushroom-shaped luminaires in car parks, along paths or in parks. To this end, Helecta carried out comparison measurements before and after the conversion and proved that while light levels remain identical, 70% energy savings are achieved.

Uplengen startet the LED retrofitting process in the cross-town link because this is where the longest burning time is required, explains Enno Ennen. The 27-watt LED lamps will replace conventional 125-watt lamps and thus guide residents and visitors with the same light intensity but at a fraction of the energy costs.