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New 22W retrofit lamp for street lighting

Helecta GmbH has been producing LED retrofit lamps for street lights in Germany since 2010. Of the 22W and 30W versions, more than 15,000 units have already been installed with great success as replacements for 80W to 150W mercury lamps or 70W to 100W sodium lamps.

Due to their beam characteristics, these lamps are particular suitable for omni-directional luminaires such as mushroom and bell-shaped luminaires, and especially as LED solution for historic old town lamps. The disadvantage of all of these luminaire types is that they generally to do not emit light in a controlled manner, i.e. municipal street lights partially illuminate house walls, front gardens, living rooms or other undesirable targets.

To remedy this, Helecta has developed a version based on its proven 22W LED lamp that only disperses its light over an angle of 210°. As the luminous flux has not changed compared to the 360° beam angle version, even higher illuminance can be achieved on roads and paths, with the same connected load. A side effect is that the light pollution and light waste are drastically reduced.

The lamp, like all other Helecta retrofit products, is supplied with an E27 base, and mercury lamps and sodium lamps can easily be retrofitted. Helecta gives a 3-year guarantee on this product as well. The L70 value as per TM21 (6k) is > 54,000 hours.

Naturally this latest product is also maintainable, i.e. the service life can be extended significantly compared to similar competitor products, by replacing the driver electronics.

About Helecta

Helecta GmbH specialises in development, production, consultation and distribution of innovative and sustainable LED products of the latest generation for public street lighting, industrial lighting and office and business illumination.