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Helecta Retrofit with 154Lm/W

Almost four years since introducing the first Helecta LED retrofit lamps as replacements for mercury and sodium lamps, the company has now succeeded in taking another large step towards greater efficiency and consequently another field of application.

Helecta started manufacturing its new retrofit lamps entirely in Germany as far back as 2010. "As part of the production relocation, the first generation of retrofit lamps was also completely reworked and we changed the LED type and manufacturer as well. This strategic step has now proven to have been the right one", explains Managing Director of Helecta GmbH, Fabio Tinagli. The light-emitting diodes used from Korean manufacturer LG Innotec offer 154 lumens/watt in their current version, which results in a total flux of over 3000 lumens (gross) in the 22W lamp, and a total flux of over 4000 lumens (gross) in the 30W lamp.

Depending on the luminaire type, these new retrofit lamps can replace mercury lamps with an output of up to 125 W or even 150 W. By using high-quality metal core PC boards and a patented design, there is no need for additional heat sinks in Helecta lamps, making them highly compatible with the significantly heavier Chinese imports when it comes to price.

Helecta offers LED retrofit lamps for sale as well as for leasing.